The Ugly Truth About Social Media
Most things that consumed our money, time and effort to run a business are made affordable, quick and effortless with the help of digital solutions and the internet. You can explore, share-with, engage and interact with people and prospect directly with the help of social media. Social media has changed the way we interact with the perspective customers. It has created a global family where anyone can reach anybody from anywhere using an electronic device and internet connection. While social media is a great way of knowing your customers and engaging with them, it can also be the cause of poor performance of your business. While trying to connect with prospects and customers, A business can make the mistake of falling into social media pitfalls.
So, what is social media pitfall?
Social media pitfalls are the mistakes that a business might make or any wrong action a business might take while handling social media sites. If used properly social media can be a great tool to increase your customers and making profits. Likewise, if used incorrectly social media can be the reason of your business’s poor performance. You might be wondering what these pitfalls are and how you can avoid them. There are many ways a business can tumble into a social media pitfall; it all depends upon the nature of your business and how you strategize your plans on social media. So yeah, a poor strategy on handling social media is already a pitfall where businesses can fall right in the initial stage.
As I mentioned, there are numerous mistakes a business can make,
Here are five of the key mistakes’ businesses should avoid doing while handling social media.
  • Not Knowing your audience
Having no knowledge of your target audiences is a key mistake a business can make while trying to connect with them on social media. One of the vital aspect of running a social media marketing is to target a specific set of audience who are most likely to purchase from you. Not having proper idea of the audience is a key mistake that any business can make but should avoid.
  • Boring customers
Yes, social media is there so that you can attract and engage your perspective customers, but it should be done in a systematic and aesthetic manner. For example, A Business could make the mistake of over posting or excessive messaging the customers. They could also post irrelevant contents or repeated contents that can bore the customers and scare them away, these mistakes shall be avoided in order to avoid a social media pitfall.
  • Using obvious autopilots
As Businesses grows, there is a high rate of customer engagement. Large number of customers means difficulty in keeping up interaction in a consistent basis. So as a result, many businesses turn into autopiloting many aspects of their business.  Although autopilots can be essential to you and your business to save your time and efforts, using too obvious autopilots can be a reason people ignore your posts. So, it is better if your posts are authentic, and your produce valuable contents tailored to your customers.
  • Overspending
Overspending is a key problem that businesses are facing while growing their business online. While social media marketing can produce substantial results for any kind of business, it doesn’t simply come from spending on advertising and boosting your post. Learning about your audience and targeting them are important aspects that doesn’t happens with reckless spending. So, having a specific budget and spending wisely is the way to avoid social media pitfall.     
  • Inconsistency
Businesses tends to become passive in posting contents in social media after a certain period. People either become de-motivated to post or simply stops caring about posting and engaging consistently with prospects which pushes a business into a pitfall. You should be posting relevant contents in social media consistently even when your posts reach few people. Being consistent with posts and updates helps you to create a strong presence in social media which can ultimately help you grow your business.

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